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Underwater Experiences and Environmental Enlightenment for Underrepresented Youth


Diver•Sea•Fy will have four core responsibilities:

1. Secure Donors

2. Recruit Students

3. Organize Transportation, Meals & Insurance

4. Build Community

Scuba diving has a cost prohibitive initial price tag.  Once certified, those costs decrease significantly.  Especially when you live near a multitude of accessible dive sites as we do in Southern California.  We aim to build a diverse community of young divers that will go on to become true stewards of the planet.

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An essential element in making our mission a reality is having parnters in the dive industry who believe in our our mission.  In2Deep Diving, a dive shop in Santa Monica, CA, will step in to help Diver•Sea•Fy manage all course related logistics and activities.

Core responsibilities will include:

1. Organize all course related activities

2. Provide rental equipment

3. Provide PADI Open Water Scuba Certifications upon course completion


Diver•Sea•Fy operates out of Southern California.  We will therefore begin recruiting program participants from this region to keep transportation costs manageable in our first years of operation.

We are looking for BIPOC students ages 14-18. Diver•Sea•Fy will pay for swimming lessons for interested students that aren't already comfortable in the water.  (It is necessary to complete a 200-meter untimed swim and a 10 minute tread/float in order to get certified.)

If you are a student interested in Diver•Sea•Fy please follow the link on our How To Apply page.

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