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Making the Ocean More Inclusive

There are many benefits that the ocean has to offer and Diver•Sea•Fy believes that those benefits should be accessible to everyone.  We want to open the door to the underwater world for youth of color that might not otherwise get the opportunity.

We also believe that the benefits go both ways.  By encouraging environmental awareness amongst people from different backgrounds we can work together towards solutions that improve the world for all of us.

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Max first got certified as a diver in 2007.  He then went on to become an instructor in 2016.  After his first two years of scuba instructing, he sat back and realized that he had taken a total of two people of color diving.  Being a full time instructor and spending many of his waking hours around the water, he also became increasingly aware of the impacts humans have on the underwater world and began to make changes in his own life that were more sustainable.

He started Diver•Sea•Fy on the idea that if people from different backgrounds had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the underwater world, they would experience a similar ideological transformation with a heightened awareness and responsibility for conservation.  A transformation that benefits the planet and enhances the lives of those working to protect it.




Susan serves as CFO and Treasurer for Diver•Sea•Fy.  Susan has a broad experience base with over 30 years in finance and management serving in senior executive roles in various media, entertainment and technology businesses.  Her experience includes serving as EVP and CFO for Village Roadshow Entertainment, CFO of, EVP and CFO of Ticketmaster Entertainment, and VP Controller for Fox Broadcasting Company.  Susan started her career in auditing at Ernst & Young and is a CPA.

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After a brief career in Property Management, Meredith moved from Saint Louis, MO to Wisconsin to pursue her MBA at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Brand and Product Management. It was during her Full-Time MBA that she learned about the importance of, and fell in love with travel.

It was during these travels that she had truly eye opening experiences of what life is like when you step outside of your comfort zone. She felt gratitude that she was fortunate enough to have these opportunities, and sadness, because she knew that so many people had obstacles in life that would impact whether or not they were able to share in similar experiences. 

After expressing these sentiments to Max, she learned about this philanthropic venture that was a direct answer to the problem that she was looking to solve. How can we create opportunities for those with less advantages to have memorable, and life altering experiences?

She is looking forward to being a part of all that Diver•Sea•Fy has to offer. 

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